Due to Defamation of character specifically directed towards the owner of this site, the amount of visitors and treatment of which has been directly effected. Even though this site hosting was recently renewed, and the domain was just renewed for 8 more years, Sorry to inform you but as of Now this site is shut down until further notice. Yes Folks After 11 years, Piper's Lair is closing it's doors. Thinking of the Sims only reminds me of a group of hateful people who can't see their own faults and feel the need to place blame on me. My site has been directly effected, so there is no need to leave it open. It has caused a substatial monetary loss that could not be afforded on the renewals of both the hosting and domain name, and since damage to my site has been directly effected, I'm not sure at this time what I will do about the losses. Time will tell. Goodbye everyone, it's been a nice run. Thanks to all who visited and did not turn on me, Sincerely, Piper